How to improve your online employer brand to increase engagement


Are you getting the engagement you want from your ideal candidates?

In today’s tightening job market, it is critical that your company look to increase its employer brand online to attract talent! In this eBook, we’ll explore how Eastridge grew its employer brand online and provide practical tips your company can implement along the way:

  • Engage your audience: How to define and target your key candidates

  • Create meaningful content: How to create a brand identity to better compete for recruiting leads online

  • Respond to reviews: How to establish your brand through thoughtful responses to online reviews

Commercial Staffing: 

Whether you need 1 or 500 workers, our national sourcing strategy ensures that our commercial staffing teams reduce time-to-fill and enhance quality.

Professional Staffing:

We source and recruit experienced professionals nationwide who can impact your company and align with your organization’s culture and values. 

Specialty Staffing:

We source and place professionals in niche roles and industries with limited supply and extremely high demand.

In order to solve your most complex workforce challenges, we provide vertically integrated workforce solutions. Powered by Eastridge Cloud™ and the functional expertise of every Eastridge recruiter, our end-to-end solutions are designed with the goal of accelerating and simplifying the hiring process. By creating process efficiencies and offering scalable solutions, we empower your organization to grow and focus on what matters most.